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 Mom, You Did It!

Tameka Mitchell here. I am an author, a wife, a mother, and YOUR Chief Mom Motivator.


I am intentional when it comes to celebrating and supporting moms!


I created this book to be the perfect gift for postpartum mothers. It has energizing visuals, empowering messages, and a grand expression of gratitude for moms who are taking on their reign of motherhood. 


I understand that each person‘s motherhood journey is beautifully unique.


Together, we can build a village of support with family, friends, moms, therapists, or

other professionals joining to lift up new moms.


But most importantly, I want to invite everyone to join in the practice of living an authentic and joyful life.

For those who are gifting this book to a new mom in their life, but who do not have children of their own yet, we hope you enjoy a sneak peek of a postpartum journey.


Cheers and Congratulations to all of the moms out there 

Now go be DYNAMIC!


Mom, You Did It! Celebrating Your Reign of Motherhood

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