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My Super mom AND her sidekick crew

When a smart little girl with a big imagination suspects her mom is secretly a superhero, she puts all her problem-solving skills to the test. Every day she sees her mother do DYNAMIC things. But soon her case takes a turn when she discovers that even superheroes get tired and sometimes need help.  

That’s when her mom’s “sidekicks” step in to lend a helping hand.


Follow along as this girl learns all about the power of family. By the end, every kid will want to join the super detective team so they too can identify the “sidekicks” in their family and learn how to become one of Mom’s helpful sidekicks. 


Welcome to the team! 



What People Are Saying

Nanny Miss Monique, Mom, Nanny, Chicagoan 

Promising author Tameka Mitchell has put her heart and soul in “My Super Mom”, citing her own personal journey as motivation to inspire others. The emotional intelligence of her story is incredible, filled with warmth and togetherness, beautifully represented by the gorgeous illustrations of artist Barbara Đokić.


Superhero Detective Clues

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