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My Supermom AND her sidekick crew

When a smart little girl with a big imagination suspects her mom is secretly a superhero, she puts all her problem-solving skills to the test. Every day she sees her mother do DYNAMIC things. But soon her case takes a turn when she discovers that even superheroes get tired and sometimes need help.  

That’s when her mom’s “sidekicks” step in to lend a helping hand.


Follow along as this girl learns all about the power of family. By the end, every kid will want to join the super detective team so they too can identify the “sidekicks” in their family and learn how to become one of Mom’s helpful sidekicks. 


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Superhero Detective Clues


What People Are Saying

Deborah C. Mortimer, Author

This book celebrates the superpowers of mothers, but also helps children identify the everyday "sidekicks" that not only help Mom do her job better but also helps them too. And I also love that it empowers children to know that they can jump in and be one of Mom's helpful sidekicks too!

Meet the Author
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"My wish for you is that you continue.
Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish
a mean world with your acts of kindness."

- Maya Angelou

Meet the Author
and CMM
(Chief Mom Motivator)

Tameka Mitchell

Tameka Mitchell is a motivator, entrepreneur, author, slayer of imposter syndrome, and most importantly, a mom. Her love of storytelling and dedication to children’s literacy inspired her to build a legacy of writing books that encourage children to be fearless and believe in themselves. That is how Maternity Motivation Publishing, LLC was born. Tameka is a fierce advocate of mothers living their best lives and pursuing their dreams. Through Maternity Motivation Publishing, LLC, Tameka hopes to motivate mothers and create stories and visuals that would have connected with her as a child and will inspire her own children. Her focus is to produce content that is a tribute to people of color with vibrant, simple messages that encourage family and community conversations.


Her debut book, My Super Mom and Her Sidekick Crew, was written as a celebration of family, culture, and heritage. Tameka’s mom, Benita, and her grandmother created the blueprint for establishing a nurturing village, and that stuck with Tameka from an early age. As a child, it was powerful witnessing the creativity, discipline, encouragement, and style of these two incredible women in her life. The superpowers they displayed and passed on were something she wanted to celebrate. 


This book is a message to children that every family is different, and while every mom is a superhero, they sometimes need help too. It takes everyone working together to be a strong superfamily. Most importantly, children should see themselves as an active part of their family. By identifying themselves as one of Mom’s sidekicks, they’ll learn that we all can do extraordinary things. 


My Super Mom and Her Sidekick Crew is just the first of the intended Sidekick Crew Chronicles Series, which will explore and celebrate the various roles and superpowers of the “sidekicks” in our families. Also, Tameka hopes to produce a series of postpartum picture books to energize and motivate new moms while they read to their newborns. Finally, Mrs. Mitchell Says will be a delightful read to promote emotional intelligence and accountability.


When Tameka isn’t writing for children and motivating moms, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful children.

Her motto is

Keep Growing.
Keep Glowing!
Because I believe in YOU!

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